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10 Boomer Skills That Millennials Say Aren’t Relevant Anymore


    In the ever-evolving landscape of skills and competencies, there’s an ongoing debate about the relevance of certain skills that were once considered invaluable. Millennials, the generation at the forefront of technological advancements, often find themselves at odds with some of the skills that Baby Boomers hold dear. In this article, we’ll delve into 10 Boomer skills that millennials argue have become obsolete in today’s fast-paced and tech-driven world.

    Mastering Cursive Writing: A Lost Art?

    In an era dominated by keyboards and touchscreens, the ability to write in cursive is viewed by many millennials as a nostalgic relic rather than a practical skill. With communication predominantly digital, the emphasis on perfecting the art of cursive writing has dwindled, leaving some Boomers wondering about its enduring significance.

    Phone Book Navigation: A Skill of the Past?

    Remember the days when flipping through the Yellow Pages was the go-to method for finding contact information? Millennials argue that with search engines and online directories, the skill of navigating through phone books has become obsolete. The ability to efficiently use search engines has taken precedence over the once-essential knack for page-flipping.

    Fax Machine Wizardry: A Fading Skill?

    While fax machines were once the epitome of efficient communication, millennials contend that their usage has dwindled in the face of instant messaging and email. The days of deciphering fax tones and mastering the art of fax etiquette are now viewed as a chapter in the history of communication.

    Handwritten Calculations: A Skill Set Aside?

    As calculators and spreadsheets take center stage in workplaces and classrooms, the ability to perform complex calculations by hand has taken a back seat. Millennials argue that in an age where speed and accuracy are paramount, the once-crucial skill of manually crunching numbers has lost its luster.

    Map Reading in the GPS Era: A Lost Adventurous Spirit?

    With GPS technology guiding every turn, millennials assert that the skill of reading a physical map is no longer a necessity. While Boomers may reminisce about unfolding a map on a road trip, the younger generation is more inclined to rely on real-time navigation apps, leaving traditional map-reading skills to gather dust.

    Rotary Phone Dialing: A Retro Relic?

    In a world where smartphones respond to voice commands and have touch-sensitive screens, the art of dialing a rotary phone is seen by millennials as a quaint piece of history. The days of patiently rotating the dial to connect with someone are long gone, replaced by the swiftness of modern communication technology.

    Typewriter Proficiency: A Skill of Yesteryears?

    While typewriters were once a staple in offices, millennials argue that the proficiency in typing on these mechanical marvels is no longer relevant. The advent of word processors and sleek keyboards has shifted the emphasis from typewriter skills to adaptability in the digital realm.

    Handwriting Checks: A Banking Dinosaur?

    In an era where digital transactions and online banking reign supreme, the skill of handwriting checks is considered by millennials as a throwback to a bygone era. The convenience of electronic payments and mobile banking has overshadowed the once-essential ability to write a flawless check.

    TV Channel Surfing: A Remote Control Art?

    With the proliferation of streaming services, millennials argue that the skill of navigating through TV channels using a remote control has become obsolete. The days of aimlessly flipping through channels to find something interesting are replaced by personalized content recommendations and on-demand streaming.

    VHS Tape Handling: A Skill Rewound?

    As streaming platforms dominate the entertainment landscape, the skill of handling VHS tapes is considered outdated by millennials. With DVDs and digital downloads taking center stage, the once-crucial knowledge of rewinding tapes and adjusting tracking is seen as a quaint memory.


    In the clash between generations, the perceived obsolescence of certain Boomer skills in the eyes of millennials highlights the rapid evolution of technology and societal norms. While these skills may evoke nostalgia for some, the younger generation argues that adaptability to the demands of the digital age is the key to staying relevant in the ever-changing landscape.


    1. Are these skills entirely useless now? While millennials argue that these skills have lost their practical significance in today’s world, some Boomers may still find value in them for sentimental reasons or in specific situations.
    2. Should Boomers completely abandon these skills? Not necessarily. While some skills may no longer be widely applicable, retaining a diverse skill set can be beneficial. Adaptation to new technologies is essential, but holding onto traditional skills may have unexpected advantages.
    3. What can Boomers do to bridge the generational gap in skills? Boomers can actively engage with younger generations to understand and embrace new technologies. Learning and adapting together can foster a collaborative environment that values both traditional and modern skills.
    4. Do millennials appreciate any Boomer skills? Absolutely. While some skills may be viewed as outdated, millennials often appreciate the wisdom and experience that Boomers bring to the table. There’s value in a diverse skill set that combines the best of both worlds.
    5. How can Boomers leverage their unique skills in the modern workplace? Boomers can highlight their experience and expertise while actively seeking opportunities to integrate new technologies. Embracing lifelong learning and adapting to the evolving landscape can ensure their continued relevance in the workforce.

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