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Four Beverages Sold at Costco That You Will Want to Purchase Again and Again

    Four Beverages Sold at Costco That You Will Want to Purchase Again and Again

    Have you found a Costco aisle that you can’t pass up? The bakery, the freezer department, or the snack aisles — yes, plural — are three of the most popular choices among Costco customers. And all of those are wonderful alternatives. However, the section of the business I care about most is the beverages section. (And no, I’m not referring to the beverage, although I can certainly see why it might be appealing.)

    When I go to Costco, I always make it a point to walk through those stacked pallets and the refrigerated cases to see what kinds of products are now available. Because of this, I learned that one of my favorite local brands is sold in bulk at a price far lower than what I had been paying at other retailers. When you are in the warehouse again, you should browse the beverages department to discover what new products have been added. Here are three of my go-to’s and one seasonal gem to help get your creative juices flowing and motivate you.

    1. The organic mango nectar from Langers costs $5.99 for 128 ounces

    There is a wide selection of juices that can be purchased at Costco, but the Langers Organic Mango Nectar is the one that stands out to me as the best of the bunch. It is energizing with the ideal amount of sweetness, the firm that makes the juice has been owned by the same family since 1960, and a gallon-sized jug can be purchased for only $5.99. I enjoy it over ice or chilled on its own, and I also use it as a mixer for alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. You may make the most fulfilling drink with just two ingredients by adding a dash of anything to your seltzer or mixing it with vodka. Pour the juice into popsicle molds and place them in the freezer for a quick, simple summertime treat.

    2. Brew Dr. Organic Raw Kombucha, which costs $11.99 for six bottles of 14 ounces each

    This kombucha is available in three different flavors, and similar to the mango nectar, it may be enjoyed on its own or as a component of other alcoholic beverages. My go-to flavor is Superberry, a tangy concoction that emphasizes berries and hints of hibiscus’s flowery quality. Clear Mind has a minty flavor with herbal undertones of rosemary and sage, while Island Mango has a sweeter and more tropical flavor profile. In addition to producing carbonated beverages, the firm is also a Certified B Corporation, which implies that it is one of its primary missions in addition to focusing on environmental friendliness and community service. Check the display cases in the refrigerators for the assortment packs.

    3. The Lucky Jack Nitrogen-Infused Cold Brew Coffee sells for $11.99 for a pack of six bottles of 10.5 ounces each

    Seeing this little, local business at a big-box retailer was exciting. Lucky Jack is a company that was founded in sunny Nevada, which is also my home state. The cold brew is offered in Lucky Jack’s Triple Jack flavor, which was the company’s first and remains the most popular. It is available in packs of six and may be purchased individually. It is fortified with more espresso and possesses a great deal of nuance. Some people may be able to consume it in its pure form, but I like to dilute it with water or oat milk, which also has the added benefit of allowing each bottle to stretch even farther. These will also be located in the refrigerator cases, much like the kombucha.

    4. Grown Right Organic Strawberry Lemonade costs $6.99 for two bottles (each containing 96 ounces)

    This limited-time organic strawberry lemonade is a summertime celebration in a glass. The sweet-and-sour freshness of lemon and the vibrant explosion of strawberry can be tasted in a single mouthful, yet neither of these flavors is overpowered by the other. The flavored lemonade here is quite delicious. It is highly recommended that you consume it while it is still summer by placing it in a large glass and serving it ice cold.

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