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Here Are Ten Pancake Recipes You Can Make With Your Kids

    Here Are Ten Pancake Recipes You Can Make With Your Kids

    Ah, pancakes. Weekend breakfasts, breakfast on special events, and breakfast on holidays. Kid-favorite and adult-indulgence. The epitome of warmth and tradition.
    It’s likely that you already have a recipe that you turn to time and time again, whether it’s one you make from scratch or one that comes out of a box. However, we want to inspire you to try something new! Because of this, we have compiled a list of these scrumptious variants, which range from cinnamon roll pancakes to pancakes for lovers of chocolate.

    Note: For modifications that are suitable for people who suffer from food allergies, we suggest using your preferred gluten-free flour at a cup-for-cup ratio, or, if you’re in a pinch, giving the Bisquick Gluten Free pancake mix a shot. Oat milk is an excellent dairy substitute that can be given to children who do not consume dairy products. Egg alternatives are covered in great detail in the Minimalist Baker’s comprehensive guide, which is available to vegan households.

    1. Banana surprise pancakes

    Honey is used as the sweetener in this banana pancake dish that comes from The Spruce Eats. Cottage cheese makes an appearance in the batter as well, contributing a half cup’s worth of additional protein. Instead of mashing the bananas into the batter, this recipe calls for placing a slice of banana in the center of each pancake while they are cooking on the griddle. This way, after the pancakes are finished cooking, there is a surprise banana at the center of the pancake.

    2. Blueberry, lemon, and ricotta pancakes

    Spruce Eats has done it again by perfecting the art of the pancake with their creative creations. This dish is a step up from your typical blueberry pancakes and contains all of the greatest flavors, including sweet berries, acidic ricotta, and zesty lemon. They will unquestionably bring an already joyous morning to a whole new level. Important: Make sure to save this one for Mother’s Day so you don’t forget it!

    3. Chocolate pancakes 2.0

    The days are long gone when all you needed to do to include chocolate chips into pancake batter was to toss in a handful of them. With this recipe for chocolate pancakes that are filled all the way through with chocolate, Pretty, Simple, Sweet has brought dessert into the morning meal.

    4. Nutella-stuffed pancakes

    You did not make a mistake when reading that. Recipe Tin Eats has created something that is so much more than just Nutella spread in between two pancakes. Instead, each pancake has a layer of gooey Nutella on the inside, which means there is more room for toppings on the exterior.

    5. Cinnamon roll pancakes

    What about combining two of your family’s favorite breakfast foods into one dish? Okay, thank you very much! Cinnamon roll pancakes are a specialty of Fifteen Spatulas, which offers a delicious recipe for them. This recipe calls for a basic pancake batter to be modified with a special cinnamon swirl ingredient, and of course, cream cheese icing is required for the finishing touch.

    6. Cinnamon-applesauce pancakes

    Try these cinnamon-applesauce pancakes from Just a Taste for a sweet twist on your standard pancake recipe. They are a great way to use up leftover applesauce from baking. Make sure to go the additional mile and prepare the apples to be softened so that you can use them as a topping; you won’t be sorry you did!

    7. Peanut butter pancakes

    I highly recommend the peanut butter pancake recipe found on Taste of Home to anyone who enjoys peanut butter. Honey, syrup, peanut butter, or even this strawberry syrup recipe from Cooking Classy can be used as a fun twist on the classic combination of peanut butter and jelly. The topping options are virtually limitless.

    8. Boston cream pancakes

    Your favorite pie (or doughnut) just turned a pancake. Homemade Home provides a recipe for pancakes that comes replete with pastry cream and chocolate ganache for the topping. Drool. Make the pastry cream the night before for an easier morning. This will make the morning go by much faster.

    9. Funfetti pancakes

    Try out some of Yummy Healthy Easy’s funfetti pancakes with your children, especially if they enjoy a colorful breakfast. Sprinkles in a rainbow of colors make it feasible to prepare these pancakes; however, you must remember to save some sprinkles (and whipped cream) for the topping!

    10. Pumpkin pancakes

    Not only is pumpkin puree delicious in pies, but it also has other applications. These pumpkin pancakes from Once Upon a Chef, which are spiced with cinnamon, allspice, and ginger, are the ideal treat for people who enjoy pumpkin spice. To finish off the cakes, sprinkle them with toasted pecans and drizzle them with maple syrup. Tip: If you don’t like pumpkins, use butternut squash instead. You may create a sweetness that is very comparable by substituting the sweet potato puree for the canned pumpkin puree in the recipe.

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