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Homemade Cake Pops Recipe


    For the Cake:

    • 1 box of your favorite cake mix (and ingredients mentioned on the box)
    • 1/2 cup frosting (cream cheese, chocolate, or vanilla)

    For Assembling Cake Pops:

    • 1 package candy melts or chocolate chips (for coating)
    • Lollipop sticks
    • Sprinkles or decorations (optional)


    Bake the Cake:

    • Follow the instructions on the cake mix box to prepare the cake batter.
    • Bake the cake according to the instructions.
    • Allow it to cool completely.

    Crumble and Mix:

    • Once the cake has cooled, crumble it into fine crumbs in a large mixing bowl.
    • Add half a cup of frosting to the cake crumbs.
    • Choose a frosting that complements the cake flavor (cream cheese, chocolate, or vanilla).
    • Mix the crumbled cake and frosting until well combined.
    • The mixture should be moist enough to hold together when rolled into balls.

    Shape into Balls:

    • Take small portions of the cake mixture and roll them into bite-sized balls using your hands.
    • Place the cake balls on a parchment-lined tray and refrigerate for about 1-2 hours or until firm.

    Insert Lollipop Sticks:

    • Melt a small amount of candy melts or chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl.
    • Dip the tip of each lollipop stick into the melted chocolate and then insert it into a cake ball.
    • This helps the cake ball adhere to the stick.

    Coat the Cake Pops:

    • Melt the candy melts or chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl according to the package instructions.
    • Dip each cake pop into the melted chocolate, ensuring the entire surface is coated.
    • Allow excess chocolate to drip off, gently tapping the stick against the side of the bowl.


    • While the chocolate coating is still wet, you can add sprinkles, colored sugar, or other decorations of your choice.

    Let Them Set:

    • Stand the cake pops upright in a piece of styrofoam or a cake pop stand to allow the chocolate coating to set completely.

    Serve and Enjoy:

    • Once the chocolate coating has hardened, your homemade cake pops are ready to be enjoyed! Serve them at parties, celebrations, or simply as a delightful treat.


    • Experiment with different cake and frosting combinations for a variety of flavors.
    • Get creative with decorations – use colored chocolate, drizzles, or edible glitter for a festive touch.
    • Store cake pops in the refrigerator to keep them fresh.

    These Homemade Cake Pops are not only delicious but also a fun and versatile treat that can be customized for any occasion. Enjoy the delightful combination of moist cake, creamy frosting, and a crisp chocolate coating in every bite!

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