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Margarita with a Kick

    Margarita with a Kick

    One of my favorite kinds of mixed drinks is the margarita because it has just the right amount of sweetness and sourness, is served extremely cold, and is invigorating enough to drink on its own, but it is also good when served with food. Sometimes, I need to enhance the flavor of my margarita with a touch of spiciness by using an additional ingredient. The addition of jalapenos to the mixture is the simplest and easiest method to add some zing to the drink in a way that accentuates the flavors of the tequila, lime juice, and triple sec (or agave nectar) rather than covering them up or masking them. 

    What Kind of Ingredients Go Into a Hot Margarita?

    When making a spicy margarita, you’ll need to have four important components on hand.

    1. Tequila: The blanco (or silver) is used as the basic spirit. Blanco tequila is the least aged and features the greatest agave flavor. You don’t need anything super-fancy here, but if you like the tastes of those more mature tequilas instead, I won’t stop you if you want to break out the aero or the reposado if you want to break out the aero or the reposado.

    2. Triple sec: While some people like using agave nectar as a sweetener in their margaritas, I prefer the delicate orange taste found in triple secs, such as Cointreau and Grand Marnier. You may go for Grand Marnier if you want a drink with a richer flavor with a hint of color, or you can use Cointreau if you want a drink that tastes cleaner and clearer.

    3. Lime juice from a bottle is prohibited in this area. Thank you. If you prefer, you can salt the rim of the glass after squeezing the juice from fresh limes into it.

    4. Jalapenos: The freshest jalapenos have the most kick to them.

    In addition to these four essential components, you will also need ice for shaking and presenting the cocktail and kosher salt if you want the rim of the glass to be salted.

    Advice on Preparing a Margarita with a Spicy Kick

    • Put the jalapeno slices in the shaker all by themselves. It turns out that infusing jalapenos in the tequila is the ideal approach to produce a spicy margarita; however, due to the length of time required for the infusion process, you will need to plan and prepare the ingredients in advance. The way that is both the fastest and the most straightforward is to only shake the sliced jalapenos along with the other components. This brings out the ideal level of heat while allowing the remaining components to aerate and blend simultaneously. 
    • Please don’t be stingy regarding the amount of ice in the shaker. You need an adequate amount of it to dilute the drink appropriately and for it to assist in bringing the flavors together. 

    How to Customize the Heat in Your Spicy Margarita

    After shaking each margarita with two slices of jalapeno, I prefer to pour the mixture into a glass and complete the cocktail by garnishing it with two more jalapeno slices. This results in a drink with a light spicy heat, which does not overpower the flavor of the other components, which I can still detect. Feel free to adjust the amount of spiciness to your liking by adding more jalapenos or omitting them entirely to bring the heat down to a more manageable level. It is entirely up to you to determine how much heat there should be in the dish.


    • One tablespoon of kosher salt for coating the edge of the glass (optional).
    • One medium lime
    • Ice
    • 1/2 medium jalapeño pepper
    • 2 ounces Blanco tequila
    • 1 ounce of triple sec, such as Grand Marnier or Cointreau


    1. Place one tablespoon of kosher salt over a small plate if you want a salt rim. Lime wedges can give an old-fashioned glass its signature wet rim. To coat the rim of the glass with salt, invert it into the salt and turn it as necessary.
    2. Ice should be added to the glass. To get 3/4 of an ounce of lime juice, juice one medium-sized lime. Half of a medium jalapeno should be used to make four circles with a thickness of 14 inches.
    3. Combine the lime juice, two jalapeno rounds, two ounces of Blanco tequila, and one ounce of triple sec in a cocktail shaker. Shake well. Once the shaker is full of ice, close the lid, and shake it vigorously for about 20 seconds or until the exterior of the shaker is very frosty.
    4. Pour the mixture into the glass while passing it through a filter with a fine mesh. To garnish, use the two jalapeno rounds that were left behind.
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