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The Results of Using This TikTok Hack to Cut Hard-Boiled Eggs Stunned Me

    The Results of Using This TikTok Hack to Cut Hard-Boiled Eggs Stunned Me

    My approach for chopping eggs that have been hard-boiled is not something that I have ever given a lot of thought to, and I don’t know why. In the event that I am making deviled eggs, I will either use one of those wire egg slicers from the good ol’ days or a chef’s knife to cut the eggs in half before proceeding with the recipe. When I saw this amazing method to elegantly split them in two to rapidly remove the yolk from TikTok user @andrealanev, I definitely had a moment when I said to myself, “How have I never thought of doing this before?” When I saw this method, I surely had a “how have I never thought of doing this before?” moment. It came as a surprise to me that I had never given this course of action any thought previously. It’s obvious that I’m not the only one who has these sentiments given that more than 3 million other individuals share my viewpoint on the matter.

    How to Successfully Cut Eggs That Have Been Hard-Boiled

    The use of this gimmick does not need a great deal of effort on your part. Place the peeled egg that has been hard-boiled on the chopping board. Put your egg through the boiling process. After angling your chef’s knife so that the bolster is towards the egg, carefully slide the blade away from the egg until it is no longer touching the egg. As the egg rolls down the blade of the knife, it will make a clean cut through the egg white while preventing any damage to the yolk. The egg’s two components, the white and the yolk, eventually break apart from one another, and the yolk emerges on its own.

    I was quite excited to finally get my hands on some of this. I have always had a strong and unwavering passion for deviled eggs, and I felt that this would be a fantastic tip to ease the process of preparing for parties during the busy season of hosting. I hope you like it as much as I do! I used my Instant Pot to cook some eggs to a hard boil, and once I peeled them, I brought them with me to work. I cut some of the eggs in half using the manner that I usually use, and I cut the other eggs in half using the method that was shown in the video so that I could compare and contrast the results of the two approaches.

    My Honest Opinion Regarding the Topic of This Helpful Egg-Cutting Tip

    Both the rolling of the knife and the halves breaking apart to reveal an untouched yolk are shown in the film, giving the impression that both of these motions are quite straightforward and easy to carry out. Although I had some difficulty with it, I still believe that this is a good concept when all factors are taken into consideration.

    When I tried to move the knife over the surface of the eggs to cut them in half, the halves were not particularly equally distributed. It was difficult for me to determine where I should have started cutting and where I should have stopped cutting in order to split it in half in a way that was fair to both sides. They gave off the impression that they had gone through a lot of trouble. No significant problem with egg salad, but not perfect for deviled eggs. I don’t think mine eggs were quite as perfectly spherical as the ones in the video, which is another issue that may have contributed to their difficulty to roll particularly smoothly or equally during the course of the experiment. This was also the first time that I had ever done anything remotely similar to this, and I feel that with more experience, especially over the course of years, I would get going on more of a “roll,” and it would be simpler to do what I’m trying to do.

    In spite of this little impediment, the yolk came out pretty readily and did not adhere to the blade of the knife, which was a regular problem for me in the past when I was cutting eggs. This time around, I handled things a little bit differently by holding the eggs in one hand while cutting around the yolk with a paring knife. I found that this worked out much better. It made me think of how I would cut an avocado in half, which was a really pleasant association. Because of this, I was only left with two halves of the egg, and I just slid the yolk out into my bowl, much as in that one TikTok video that demonstrates how to pit an avocado.

    Even if it takes a little bit of practice and some trial and error to get it right, I think it’s important to give it a go, especially if you’re going to be making deviled eggs for a big number of people, because it’s going to be worth it in the end.

    Utilize this approach to your advantage: Trick for Cutting Eggs That Have Been Hard-Boiled

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