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The Six Necessary Drinks That Every Home Cook Needs in the Year 2023

    The Six Necessary Drinks That Every Home Cook Needs in the Year 2023

    This month, the Kitchn team introduced Kitchen Essentials, supermarket Edition, which is our official list of the supermarket goods that are now the most important for home chefs to have on hand. (To view the whole list, please go here.) We decided to begin by first addressing one of the most important areas: beverages!

    You could see a collection of beverages collecting about you at any given point during these peculiar stay-at-home days, regardless of where you are placed. You are not alone; the Kitchen staff is right there with you. The following are the beverages on which we rely more than ever for purposes including but not limited to stimulating, hydrating, and other purposes. (The cost of alcohol is not included. Mostly because, well, there’s a list for another day.)

    1. Chameleon Organic Cold-Brew Concentrate is a Cold Brew Coffee made with Chameleon Cold Brew

    If you want to start your day with an iced coffee, Chameleon Concentrate is the perfect addition to your drink. This powerful shot of caffeine goes down easy, leaving no aftertaste or bitterness in the mouth. Although it is more expensive than some of the other concentrates currently available on the market, it is the product that comes the closest to a barista-quality brew. This item turns ordinary mornings (and afternoons!) spent at home into something just a bit more special.

    2. Chobani Oat is a kind of non-dairy milk

    One of the few positive things to come out of 2023 was the introduction of Chobani Oat, a new line of plant-based drinks manufactured with oats (an option far more environmentally friendly than nut-based milk replacements). We’ve experimented with various dairy-free milk, and oat milk has emerged as the one that works best in coffee, cereal, and smoothies. It’s also delicious when consumed straight from the glass. This type of iced coffee is a favorite of Kitchn’s editor-in-chief, Faith Durand, who likes it best when stirred into strong iced coffee with a drop or two of maple syrup.

    3. Earl Grey from Vienne by Harney & Sons, the tea

    Features Director Ariel Knutson states, “I drink an entire pot of tea every single day, and my favorite variety is Earl Grey from Harney & Sons.” Even people who don’t like Earl Grey will enjoy the lighter, lemonier, Darjeeling-based version of this tea, according to Sheela Prakash, a Senior Contributing Editor. An 8-ounce tin of loose-leaf tea is a small indulgence we all deserve right now, even though it is more expensive for tea.

    4. Seltzer: Polar Seltzer

    In our New York City office, we have a refrigerator specifically for LaCroix, and Spindrift was Kitchn’s top pick for the fizzy beverage category in 2018. However, 2023 has arrived, and we are keeping a close eye on Polar Seltzer. The New England-based firm, which has been owned and operated by the same family since 1882, has a sizable fan base in the region, and only last month, they revealed their intention to bring their enormous variety of flavors to consumers throughout the country. It is generally agreed that Cranberry Lime is their greatest flavor, although other standouts include Blueberry Lemonade, Cranberry Clementine, Ruby Red Grapefruit, and their notoriously divisive (but much-loved) Vanilla. Cranberry Lime is their most popular flavor.

    5. Coffee Beverages: The Atlas Coffee Club Coffee Beans

    We haven’t traveled in quite some time, and we don’t plan to start doing so soon, so we’re trying to find alternative methods to see the globe. The Atlas Coffee Club is a coffee subscription service that will help you satisfy both your need for travel and caffeine. Each month, you will receive direct-trade, ethically sourced coffee from a different nation delivered to your doorstep. Each shipment comes with a postcard, and the packaging of the bags is a reflection of the nation from whence the bags were sourced. The Lifestyle Editor, Lauren Masur, tried them out and claimed that Atlas is the beverage that comes the nearest to resembling a cup of coffee that she has had in the past few months.

    6. Pink Lady Apple is a Health-Ade version of Kombucha

    Over the past several years, our love for Health-Ade (a kombucha brand run by a woman! ), which has only grown stronger, has only increased. This bubbling fermented tea comes in 17 varieties, some of which are Ginger-Lemon, Blood Orange-Carrot-Ginger, and Cayenne Cleanse. It is beneficial to your health since it contains probiotics. If you were curious, the majority of the Kitchen team would choose Pink Lady Apple as their alcoholic beverage of choice.

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