6 Clear Signs You Should Break Up

1. You're delaying the breakup with space.

Breakups are stressful, but delaying one makes it harder to meet the perfect person.

2. Your definition of "space" differs.

Space is a terrible term. Some take time apart while being monogamous. It's breakup for others. It's bad if you can't agree on space.

3. Your buddies remain silent when you mention "space."

If you tell your buddies you're spending time apart and they're quiet, they're not suggesting, "You should probably break up."

4. The void resembles a breakup without the name.

You no longer converse, live together, or date. You're lovely to call it "space," but it's not. Breakup, babe.

5. Thinking about space feels light.

You thought separating from your lover would be hard. But you feel better. You're happier and healthier without them. This indicates a breakup.

6. You’ve needed "space" before.

If you require distance a second, third, or hundredth time, you may need more than time away. All signals indicate you don't belong together. End everything by listening to the cosmos.


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