6 Signs Your Person Has Changed You (For the Worse)

You complain a lot lately.

They are usually cranky, lingering on blunders, and pointing out issues you didn't see. They've depressed you.

You dress and act to please them.

Instead of dressing for confidence, you're customizing your hair and clothes for them. You let them control everything.

You're afraid to act alone.

You seldom see your friends. Your partner has alienated you from friends and relatives. Since you started dating, you've hardly had time for others. 

You've quit your interests.

It's great to emphasize your relationship, but don't make them your whole source of pleasure.

Work ambition has plummeted.

You prioritize interpersonal issues above workplace issues. You can have everything while loving. You can work and date hard.

You've lost your direction.

You don't know what makes you happy, excited, or ambitious. Too much dependency on them has taken away your freedom and self-worth.


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