Acquire Expertise in a Variety of Running Disciplines

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Base runs 

Easy runs improve aerobic basis and endurance. Beginners should run most of their miles on these 5-10 km runs.

Long runs

These long runs increase endurance and stamina. Base runs are done at the same speed but longer (10-20 km).

Interval training

This form of running alternates high-intensity and low-intensity running or walking. 


Tempo runs

These fast runs improve running economy and speed. Tempo runs are 10–20 seconds/km slower than 5k race speed.

Hill reps

Run up a hill for a given distance or time, then jog or stroll down to recuperate. It boosts strength and power.

Recovery runs

Slow, easy runs help you recuperate from heavier training. They should comprise a minor portion of your running mileage.

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