Expert Predicts Padres-NL Rival Supernova Trade

Nobody anticipated the San Diego Padres to be big trade buyers again this season. 2022 was different because Manny Machado needed offensive help and the front office went all-in when Juan Soto became available.

The Friars have had all the superstars they needed this season, but they haven't found consistency.

 GM A.J. Preller has been honest about what he doesn't like about the clubhouse thus far, and while he wants to deploy prospects first, he's open to deals.

San Diego did not overspend on their present roster to get comfy this season. Preller and company will make a trade to contend for titles every year for the following decade.

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In May, the Padres lost again to the Boston Red Sox, who nearly shut them out. San Diego will pursue trades for consistent baserunners.

Due to his batting efficiency this year, many signals point to another Washington Nationals outfielder. Lane Thomas, 27, slashes.OPS of.776.

The Padres could control Lane Thomas if they traded for him, unlike Yasmani Grandal or Aroldis Chapman. A.J. Preller isn't afraid to go all-in, even if it costs more. 

Thomas has played all of his games this season in right field, but he has played center field throughout his career."

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