Experts Say What Happens When You Quit Caffeine

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Dietitians and nutritionists say eliminating caffeine can improve your health. Learn what happens to your body when you quit coffee and decide if it's best for you.

Withdrawal may occur

Bad news first. Experts warn that the first few days after quitting coffee might be unpleasant. 

Sleep may improve

Now for something positive. Giving up coffee improves sleep quality, which is one of its biggest benefits.


Anxiety may decrease

After coffee abstinence, anxiety may lessen. McSorley suggests reducing caffeine to reduce anxiety.

Nutrient absorption may improve

Experts think stopping caffeine may improve nutritional absorption. Batsantos says coffee increases urination.

Heartburn may subside

Stopping the consumption of caffeine may result in a significant reduction in the severity of heartburn symptoms.



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