FA Champion DE Set to Join LA

The 2023 Los Angeles Chargers must avoid complacency. They'll need to improve every week and start well against some easy opponents.

Offseason starts it all. Brandon Staley, Kellen Moore, and the rest of the coaching staff must maximize what they have during week two OTAs despite the absence of several key players.

They have elite and seasoned players in every position, but several intriguing free agents remain. Kyle Van Noy's return is unlikely.

As teams realize the Bolts' offensive talent, defense will be crucial this season

Opponents will try to outscore Justin Herbert's two healthy alternatives, Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, and returning Austin Ekeler.

LA's defense will include Khalil Mack and Eric Kendricks, but could the bolts add an experienced lineman like Frank Clark? NFL Trade Rumors experts agree.

"It was obvious. Even after drafting DE Tuli Tuipolotu in the second round, the Chargers' depth behind Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack remains questionable. 

 Clark might maximize Bosa and Mack off the bench.Against the AFC's potent offenses and quarterbacks, the NFL can't have too many pass rushers. 

With their present financial status and the likely mega-deal for QB Justin Herbert, the Chargers have some budget space before 2024. 

That emphasizes maximizing their 2023 window."


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