Giants WR one of NFL's most intriguing UDFAs

Ballentine says that signing undrafted free agent Bryce Ford-Wheaton might damage the team owing to his height, weight, and quickness. 

“There’s no clear-cut No. 1 wide receiver and an undrafted free agent can make a path for himself.”

The 6-foot-3, 221-pound undrafted rookie runs a 4.38 40-yard sprint. He had a perfect 10.0 relative athletic score (RAS), comparable to Hall of Famer Calvin Johnson.

Zierlein called the West Virginian a "big, long wideout specializing in downfield jump-ball victories."

Despite interest from the Seattle Seahawks and Philadelphia Eagles, the Giants signed Ford-Wheaton immediately. 

The youngster chose Big Blue because of head coach Brian Daboll and West Virginia alum David Sills.

Ford-Wheaton is not a normal UDFA. Ford-Wheaton's Giants deal guaranteed $236K. 

 Dan Duggan of The Athletic said, "That's a full-season pay on the practice squad ($216K) plus a $20K signing bonus. Clearly a development target.” 

“Ford-Wheaton’s physical tools will give him an advantage over some of the competition,” says Ballentine.

The Giants have several diminutive, route-running receivers. They lack big-bodied outside talents to develop. 

Ford-Wheaton is one of the Giants' few depth players who could play that position, allowing him to slip into the final roster at the conclusion of the summer.


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