Here Are 7 Medical Explanations for Your Nighttime Wakings

Chronic illness plagues you

There are a variety of underlying health concerns that might be the cause of your nighttime awakenings. 

Drug side effects

Discuss nighttime waking medications with your doctor. Fathima believes drugs and stress might impact sleep.

Depressed or anxious

Mental health can affect sleep as much as physical health. Depression and anxiety can disrupt sleep.

Drinking impairs sleep

While a nightcap might make it easier to fall asleep, it also has the potential to jolt you up.


You sleep poorly

It's possible that the reason you can't get back to sleep at night is related to the way you go to bed earlier each night. 

Too late for coffee

Caffeine—from coffee, tea, chocolate, or soft drinks—may keep you awake at night, especially if you drink it late in the day. 

Diet disrupts sleep

Diet affects health and sleep. Fathima suggests some dining faults that might cause your frequent night wakings.



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