How one man beat sugar addiction and dropped 230 pounds

“People often ask: When you weighed in your 300s, didn’t you want to stop? What happened? He told TODAY on May 18 that he continued that lifestyle. “You know ‘healthy body, healthy mind?’ My mind and body become ill together.

An eye-opening doctors visit

His condition was revealed by a doctor in January 2021. I had extremely high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and Type 2 diabetes. "He told me I'd only live until my forties," he claimed.

Getting his sugar addiction under control

“My biggest challenge was that I was addicted to sugar, usually consuming 200 grams a day,” he stated. I drank Coke or Red Bull daily. Sugar addiction was severe. I stopped that and went through sugar withdrawal.

Beginning fitness

Baayarsaikhan did cardio for eight months. “I started exercising, but my heart is weak, so I didn’t weightlift right away,” he stated. Walking and running bored him, but he did them to enhance his cardiovascular fitness. 




on accountability

Playing with his lively 5- and 9-year-old kids motivates Baayarsaikhan. “Some days I don’t want to go to the gym or question why I’m torturing myself... but I do this for my kids. "My kids play soccer," he remarked.

His alterations go beyond the physical

Better memory. “I can remember things like chores or remember what I was supposed to—I’d often forget what I was doing in the middle of it,” he added. Work productivity increased.

Health objectives

Baayarsaikhan stated he also wants to change mentally. He "wants to be a personal trainer in the future, but focus on mental health of people who lose weight," he stated.

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