Is Vitamin C Beneficial for Hair, and Why?

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As soon as this vitamin is absorbed into our system, it immediately begins traveling via our bloodstream to many other regions of our body, including our hair.

Fight Dandruff

Dry, flaky scalps can damage hair follicles. Untreated, it might prevent hair growth. Vitamin C fights dandruff-causing scalp germs.

Reduces Hair Disorders

Vitamin C protects hair from different issues. These issues can damage hair follicles and stunt development


Maintains Hair

It treats adrenal gland tiredness, which prevents hair loss and promotes growth. Because adrenal glands regulate hormones.

Thickens Hair

It boosts blood flow and heals capillaries. Stronger, thicker hair need this.

Neutralizes Radical Hair Damage

Experts say vitamin C shields the scalp from free radicals. Oral and topical vitamin C is antioxidant.

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