Lemon-Coriander Weight Loss Detox Drink 

Summer calls for hydrating and refreshing drinks. Seasonal diet changes are vital since our bodies require them.

Warm concoctions, ghee-filled ladoos, and spicy cuisine are not what most of us want right now. Eat cooling meals and liquids now.

Summer drinks conjure up images of delicious sherbets, milkshakes, lassi, and aam pannas, but you can get creative and lose weight with your summer coolers! 

We heard. We've all overindulged and not exercised enough lately. Many have complained about weight increase.

Coriander leaves increase metabolism like lemon. It naturally detoxes your body, making you feel lighter.

Its chlorophyll content aids weight loss. Coriander leaves, lemon juice, and water produce a low-calorie drink, unlike sugary drinks and sodas.

1. Take a small glass bottle or mason jar. Add fresh water. 2. Submerge one or two sprigs or 5-10 grams of coriander leaves in water.

3. Add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Add lemon zest. 4. Refrigerate overnight.


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