Lucky zodiac sign color in 2023

Red brings luck and prosperity in every endeavor. Red represents Mars' blessings, purity, aggression, vigor, and movement


White and lotus pink will benefit Taurus in 2023. Venus rules earthy Taurus. Pink and white will remain your finest colors this year. 


Geminis like green and yellow. Mercury rules your sign. Thus, white and pink might boost your vitality in 2023. 


Cancers will choose silver, white, cream, lemon yellow, and crimson in 2023. Moon rules you. Soft, soothing colors are great for your psyche.


Gold and orange will suit Leos in 2023. These two colors may help you succeed. Sunlight rules your zodiac sign


2023 Virgos will choose white, green, and blue. Mercury rules your earth sign. Use these four colors heavily in 2023 to succeed.


2023 Librans should wear white and orange. Venus rules your sign. Light blue and white are lucky also.


In 2023, Scorpios may succeed by investing in red, chocolate brown, orange, and white. Mars rules you. 


Orange and dark yellow will bring Sagittarians success in 2023. These colors might change your fate since Jupiter governs your zodiac sign. 


Purple and black suit Capricorns in 2023. Dark green and brown are lucky also. Saturn rules Capricorn. 


Aquarians may wear purple and light blue. These two colors will do well in 2023. Saturn governs your sign. 


In 2023, Pisceans should invest in orange and yellow to succeed. Jupiter is your governing planet, thus these two colors will bring you many rewards. 



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