Memorial Day, AC Boardwalk visitors had big plans.

Many of the folks who contacted with CBS News Philadelphia were making plans to enjoy the warm weather by going out to eat.

Gambling, going to a concert, or even just relaxing on the beach. They've been waiting for this weekend, they say.

The sun setting over the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. The Steel Pier's rides were operational, and a briny wind permeated the air.

The Memorial Day weekend is my absolute favorite," Pina Vricella said. Beyond the holiday season!

To get their summers started, people are coming from all around, despite the terrible traffic.

One tourist confirmed, "Yes, eight hours." Our origin story begins in the Tar Heel State.

The Unlocking of the Ocean drew a sizable crowd to Ocean City.

In addition, Wildwood's Boardwalk was bustling with activity and the city's trams were operating normally. 

There was no letdown in terms of audience size at the Jersey Shore.

That's very cool. Vricella proclaimed his joy at the news. The city is bustling with happy revelers.

Those we asked are excited to take it easy and spend time with loved ones.

"After a long winter, this is a kickoff to the summer, so we are looking forward to it," remarked one passenger.


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