Memorial Day throngs Ocean City, NJ.

Due to good weather and less covid problems than last year, Ocean City officials estimate over 100,000 people on the boardwalk this holiday weekend.

"Unbelievable. "Best Memorial Day weekend in a long time," Mike Loiseau said while ordering pizza on the boardwalk.

Many enjoyed the Ocean City beaches and promenade Sunday night under clear skies and mild weather.

"We've been coming down here since I was a little kid, since I was his age, it's as busy as I can remember," Loiseau remarked.

Mike Loiseau and his boys queued up for a slice at Manco and Manco's on 12th Street, where Matt Miller says the pies have been selling all weekend.

"It's all weather last year we didn't have great weather so it's nice now and we're busy," said Manco & Manco's Matt Miller.

Eli Romy of adjacent Shelly's by the Sea claims staffing numbers are back to pre-covid levels and business is thriving with one day left.

"We're up about 30% give or take for this weekend," she said.

The kids love Memorial Day weekend. "We're excited," Wynnewood's Holly Barg said.

Holly Barg and her crew used crowds to get creative. We grabbed pizza, sat on the boardwalk, got water, and the kids played at the arcade because we couldn't locate a seat. 

Down the shore, they and many others never have a terrible night. Ocean City will celebrate Memorial Day on the boardwalk Monday at 3 p.m. 


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