Memorial Day Weekend Travel Surge Expected by Airlines

As Americans celebrate Memorial Day weekend, aviation traffic is projected to approach pre-pandemic levels.

3.4 million passengers will travel from Thursday to Monday, up 11% from 2022. It predicted 170,000 more travelers than 2019.

United Airlines and American Airlines, two of the nation's largest airlines, told that they anticipated 2.9 million customers—a total of 5.8 million—between Thursday and Tuesday.

This shows a far greater passenger count than AAA projected.

With congested airports, the business fears a recurrence of 2022's massive delays and cancellations.

Newsweek reported that American Airlines has 17,600 more employees this summer than in 2021.

The AAA anticipates 42.3 million Americans—13% of the population—to travel 50 miles or more, up 7% from last year.

Despite making up just 8% of expected holiday travel, scientists have connected the spike in air travelers to the conclusion of the coronavirus epidemic and the holiday patterns it changed.

On Friday, Clint Henderson, managing news editor for The Points Guy, a travel news and information service, that Las Vegas and Florida had the highest pricing.

The epidemic prompted a shortage of airport and flight crew, resulting in record-high aircraft cancellations and delays last summer.

The FAA also lacks air traffic controllers. Reuters reported in March that the agency's COO informed workers it was improving procedures after "too many close calls" that jeopardized safety.

On Thursday, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told  that federal aviation authorities and airlines were hiring more.

Airlines seem confident they can manage more air traffic. Delta Airlines projected 2.8 million passengers between Thursday and Tuesday, up 17% from 2022.

70 U.S. flight cancellations on Friday and 120 on Thursday. However, 5,615 flights were delayed Thursday and 727 as of 9 a.m. ET Friday.


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