Memorial Day weekend residents evacuate. Tri-State Area

Drivers on Tri-State Area roadways were jammed. Vietnam veteran Delores Hampton flew in to see her elder sister at the start of summer.

"We're simply thankful to be here and grateful to see one another when we can," said Hampton of Atlanta.

Flights were frequent at Newark Liberty Airport. Nearly 3.4 million people will fly this weekend, a post-pandemic high. 

One Nebraska couple barely caught their trip but arrived safely.

Tires pound pavement outside. Al Williams found little traffic leaving New Hampshire. He grabbed food at Vince Lombardi Service Area.

Others were unlucky with 37 million drivers this weekend. "This weekend goes crazy traveling out of the city," remarked Bronxite Elin Waring.

"It's awful. "It's been busy," said Connecticut's Luisa Ceballos.

Ceballos and her daughter's soccer squad went to a Philadelphia event. They were ready. Ceballos stated they sang the entire way.

Long Island Rail Road trains carried weekend Montauk-goers. Holiday and beach traffic have necessitated more trains.

"It's the greatest route east. Avoid traffic. "Have a great ride, great weekend all weekend," the MTA's Catherine Rinaldi remarked.

Drivers stated they would organize their return journey around traffic.

Law enforcement will remain on high alert until Tuesday despite the mass exodus. Officers will watch for drunk drivers. 


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