Read This Update on 'Virgin River''s Future, Fans!

Virgin River enthusiasts, we finally have fifth-season news! Before you get thrilled, it will take a while.

The beloved Netflix show's first two seasons debuted in fall, but the second two in summer. We hoped to spend July with Mel, Jack, and the gang.

Good news, too! Virgin River was renewed for a sixth season by Deadline before the fifth aired! 

While we must wait for the next seasons, we can be assured that there will be enough of episodes to capture the drama and small-town

In season four, Jack was revealed to be Mel's father, but in the finale, Charmaine's twins were not his. 

 That was a tremendous cliffhanger after all the love triangle turmoil.

Ricky joined the military, Paige and Christopher reunited safely, and Denny revealed his Huntington's condition. However, each has its own questions. 

How will Lizzie go with Ricky gone and Denny rejecting her? Preacher knocked Vince out, saving Paige and Christopher. TBD if it killed him or knocked him out.

As much as these cliffhangers nag at us—especially knowing that it will be a long time before we hear a resolution

We have peace knowing that we may visit Virgin River any time, any day due to Netflix streaming all seasons.


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