To Lose Weight, Avoid This Inflammatory Meat

 Chronic inflammation can cause weight gain and other health problems. 

 Stress and environmental factors can cause inflammation. However, your diet also matters. 

If you want to minimize weight gain and keep the issue at bay, doctors recommend avoiding red meat. 

There's nothing like a juicy burger at a barbecue. Hunnes warns that eating red meat regularly may lead to major health issues.

Red meat inflames. "It increases inflammatory markers in the blood, including INF-1 and TMAO," she says.

Our blood contains IGF-1, a hormone. High levels can cause heart disease and diabetes. High TMAO levels, which affect cholesterol and metabolism, can also cause cancer.

Inflammation causes weight gain and many ailments. Red meat disturbs intestinal health and may induce weight gain in other ways.

"In a way, red meat is somewhat toxic to good-bacteria in the gut (the microbiome)."

Gut dysbiosis can cause gas, bloating, constipation, diabetes, and more. Your gut affects almost every aspect of your health, including digestion.

Mental and intestinal health are interconnected. Unbalanced guts also cause weight gain. Another reason to avoid red meat for health.


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