When and What to Eat to Lose Weight, Bulk Up, and Maximize Exercise?

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Always Calories

Still a calorie. Bananas after 8 pm are safe. Breakfast ice cream has the same calories as nighttime ice cream.

Maintaining Weight Loss

You may have heard notions about eating certain meals at certain times to lose weight. This inspired meal timing for fat loss.


Midafternoon energy dips may require a snack. However, picking a food is the issue, not snacking.


Pre-Workout Food

Pre-exercise meal time affects workout fuel. Many exercise without eating. Research suggests eating before exercise. 

Post-Workout Meals

Eating after an exercise helps your body restore glycogen and muscle proteins. It also prevents hunger, dehydration, and weariness.

Bodybuilding Food

Nutrient timing governs bodybuilding meal time. Carbohydrate eating before and during resistance exercise promotes euglycemia and glycogen storage.



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