Why Do I Not Get Hungry When I Work Out?

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Slowed Digestion

Digestion needs blood. Workouts send blood to muscles, not the digestive system. Exercise naturally slows digestion.

Triggered Vagus Nerve

The vagus nerve sends brain impulses to the stomach to start digestion. Stress, worry, and intense activity can also activate this nerve.

Burned All Glycogen

Your liver and muscles store glycogen, a sugar. Glycogen is broken down for energy during exercise.


You’re Dehydrated

Cramps, headaches, and lethargy can result from dehydration. It might also make you bloated.

Suppressing Hunger

Hunger is signaled by ghrelin. It boosts appetite, food intake, and fat accumulation. Long workouts can boost or lower ghrelin, according to research.

Your Stressed

Stress increases heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and body temperature, which might affect hunger.



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