Your daily horoscope: May 25


Should you tell someone you're unhappy with their work? The planets warn that criticism may anger them and hinder your ambitions. Try a new companion.


If your finances are weak, you need to start thinking about how to improve them. Stop buying unnecessary luxury stuff to start.


Over the following 24 hours, you may encounter conflict, but now you know you can keep cool and not be bothered by others' petty remarks. 


Between now and the weekend, work leaders will expect you to rise to a new challenge. Never question your abilities.


Even if friends and family disapprove of every idea you make today, follow your intuition and proceed. Mars in your sign gives you such confidence that you'll think you're correct even if you're wrong.


Today, you'll get good and terrible news, but the universe is still on your side and seeking for ways to help. One "bad" announcement may be good news in disguise.


If a buddy claims to know more about a social or political subject than you, don't become angry or lose perspective. People interpret "facts" differently because they're different.


Today will get you out of your funk. Help improve the planet with your unique skills.


You will seek out stupid and hazardous tasks today. They may be to them, but you find them fascinating and life-affirming.


Ignore popular opinion and follow your conscience. Following your instincts, even if they're unusual, will pay off here. Though you're alone, you matter.


Today you may be drawn to someone who provides you joy and fun in the coming months. The world is gloomy, but my future is bright.


You must stop making excuses and start taking your life seriously. Bring people together to support a subject you care about.


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