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Rosé, Gin, and Pink Peppercorn Cocktails Served in Boxed Wine Pitchers

    Rosé, Gin, and Pink Peppercorn Cocktails Served in Boxed Wine Pitchers

    Everyone is talking about rosé right now, and because it is finally getting the recognition it merits, I decided that one day of this week’s series on wintery boxed wine pitcher drinks should be devoted to this wine commonly associated with the warm weather. You can tell why I thought it was ideal for this week based on the wonderful Christmas hue by looking at its use.

    This drink is for individuals with a taste that leans more toward the astringent side. This take on the classic gin and tonic is refreshing, sour, and herbaceous all at the same time.

    You are aware, of course, that rosé may be produced in either a dry or a sweet kind, and regardless of which road you take, this drink will turn out differently for you. A sweeter style will produce a more rich and full-bodied drink with a flavor comparable to a fruit punch. I think it would be best to use a dry rosé for this recipe because it would help the drink stay more elegant and balanced. The sweet peppery syrup, the tangy cranberry, and the refreshing tonic water are harmoniously brought out by the red fruity aromas in this wine.

    And I couldn’t help myself when it came to adding some pink peppercorns to this dish. Even though they are not actual peppercorns, the dried pink berries of the Brazilian pepper tree contribute a mellow peppery flavor and an exquisite color to this rosy-hued beverage.

    Table of Contents



    • 1/2 cup cane sugar
    • Half a cup of water
    • A teaspoon and a tablespoon of pink peppercorns


    • 24 ounces of rosé wine (I used Bridge Lane), chilled to serve
    • Twelve ounces of gin (the Botanist was my choice).
    • White grape juice, 24 fluid ounces
    • 3 ounces cranberry liqueur (I used Leopold Bros.)
    • 3 ounces of syrup flavored with pink peppercorns
    • Twelve ounces of chilled tonic to taste (I used Fever Tree), and cool.
    • Ice
    • Cranberries will be used as a garnish (you may sweeten them if you have the time).
    • ice cubes flavored with cranberry and rosemary as a garnish



    1. Cane sugar, water, and pink peppercorns should be mixed in a low-sided, small pot. Bring to a slow boil over medium-high heat, and once it has reached a slow boil, reduce the heat to a slow simmer and continue stirring until the sugar has dissolved. Take the pot off the heat, let it soak for twenty minutes, then strain off the solids and let it cool completely.
    2. Mix the rosé, gin, white grape juice, cranberry liqueur, and pink peppercorn syrup in a big punch bowl or pitcher. Mix everything thoroughly, then chill in the refrigerator until you’re ready to eat it. It is possible to prepare this cocktail component a day in advance and store it in the refrigerator; all you need to do before serving is give the combination a thorough stir.


    1. When you are ready to serve the drink, fill your pitcher or punch bowl with ice, and then add the cocktail mixture that has been cooled. After quickly adding the tonic water, give the mixture a moderate swirl, and then taste it to check for the appropriate amount of sweetness. The completed rosé, gin, and pink peppercorn drink should be poured into individual cocktail glasses prepared with cranberry and rosemary ice cubes. Cranberry skewers should then be used as a garnish.
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