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This Simple Hack Can Greatly Improve Your Boxed Pancake Mix

    This Simple Hack Can Greatly Improve Your Boxed Pancake Mix

    When I was writing the first edition of my cookbook, which was all about supporting busy home cooks in intelligently navigating the waters between cooking from scratch and food that was semi-homemade, I knew that I would have to include a recipe for pancakes. I knew that I would have to include a recipe for pancakes because I knew that I would have to include a recipe for pancakes. As a consequence of this, a significant number of pancakes were eaten.

    What is the one most essential thing that I picked up from my research on Make It Easy pancakes? The use of beaten egg whites results in pancakes that are among the lightest, airiest, and most worthy of being served in a restaurant. These pancakes are among the most deserving of being served in a restaurant. Cakes that are very airy and light in texture may be achieved by gently folding egg whites into the batter. However, in order to finish using this approach there are a few more procedures involved.

    The incorporation of egg whites is a phase that is often reserved for pancakes that have been prepared from scratch. However, the good news is that this step may also be completed using pancake mix that has been bought in a box. I timed the procedure to see how much of an improvement in quality could be achieved by committing an extra three minutes of one’s time to the process of preparing the boxed mix. The steps to take are as described below.

    How to Use a Boxed Pancake Mix to Make Pancakes That Are Lighter and Fluffier

    1. To combine the ingredients, mix the pancake mix with water as directed on the package of pancake mix. This often entails following the directions on the package. If you are serious about increasing your height to its full potential, you need to be serious about minimizing the amount of mixing that occurs. You may put your faith in the directions when they tell you that lumps are OK; the directions know what they’re talking about! If you overmix any pancake mix, regardless of whether it was purchased in a box or you made it yourself, the gluten in the batter will become more stiff. Because of this, there is less space available for the air pockets to expand.
    2. For each cup of pancake mix that you use, separate a single large egg and put it away in a separate bowl. After removing the egg yolk and placing it in a separate dish, begin beating the egg whites with an eighth of a teaspoon of cream of tartar. Continue beating the egg whites until firm peaks form. Cream of tartar is not essential for the manufacture of egg whites that are fluffy and stable, but its usage does help to the development of egg whites that are fluffy and stable. This guarantees that the light and airy texture of your pancakes will be preserved even after they have been cooked.
    3. Fold the egg white into the pancake mixture in a very careful way so as not to deflate the pancakes. There is no need for alarm if the batter seems to have a few flecks or streaks of egg white in it. This is quite normal. This will help to fluff up your pancake, and as long as the pockets are not too huge, I assure that your pancakes will not in any way taste like they include egg white omelet even if you do include some in the recipe.

    How to Make Use of Any Additional Egg Yolk That You May Have

    If you don’t want to waste the egg yolk, you can certainly add it to the batter for your pancakes together with the water. This is an option you have if you don’t want to throw it away. This will give your pancakes a considerably more delicious flavor, but it will also keep them from rising as much and give them a more compact consistency. While this will result in your pancakes having a somewhat more decadent taste, it will also prevent them from rising as much. You may want to think about making a creamy spaghetti sauce, aioli, lemon curd, Caesar salad dressing, or custard out of the egg yolks that you would have used to create pancakes if you had cooked them using solely whipped egg whites instead. Some examples of these kinds of sauces are included below. When prepared in this manner, pancakes seem and taste to be more airy and light.

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